One Way Vision

One Way Vision is a printable perforated self adhesive vinyl, to display advertising images and graphics. When applied to a window, when looking at the printed side, people will see the advertisement. But the amazing thing about this film is that from inside behind the window, when looking out, people can see right through the film.


For Advertisers, it maximises the value of the campaign and attracting attention because it dominates the crowded advertising landscape. A fully wrapped bus or car has the wow factor and is noticeably more visible than a vehicle without One Way Vision. A shop front with the entire facade covered in One Way Vision will entice people to notice and digest the advertisement, compared to a shop with small barely noticeable signs displayed in a mishmash pattern.

For Printers, the Universal Liner allows them to mount the media onto any of their main stream digital printers. No need to buy different stock for each of their machines. The one roll of Clear Focus One Way Vision is suitable for all their machines. The high performance media is highly tolerant and forgiving, meaning that even novices can apply the films and is naturally resistant to many of the harsh cleaning chemicals and environments where many windows are located. The more projects that succeed means increased business and lower overhead costs.

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